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IQsoft solutions

IQsoft solutions


What will IQsoft do for you?


Erie Water Treatment


Erie Water Treatment

What will a
water softener
do for you?

Our IQsoft water softener is the perfect and most advanced solution to tackle hard water. Its compact footprint combined with state-of-the-art design make the IQsoft cabinet softeners a major breakthrough in the water treatment industry; no other water softener comes close to offering the same high-end specifications, ease of installation or soft water benefits!

Maintain healthy-looking skin
One of the biggest advantages of installing a water softener in your home is the fact that soft water is better for cleaning. That goes for your clothes and dishes as well as your skin. Soft water makes it easier for water to form a sudsy lather, and rinse it away just as thoroughly. That means your soap works more efficiently, and you aren’t left with that pore-clogging soap residue all over your body.

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