What will IQsoft Do for you?


What will
a water softener
do for you?

Our IQsoft water softener is the perfect and most advanced solution to tackle hard water. Its compact footprint combined with state-of-the-art design make the IQsoft cabinet softeners a major breakthrough in the water treatment industry; no other water softener comes close to offering the same high-end specifications, ease of installation or soft water benefits!

Maintain healthy-looking skin
One of the biggest advantages of installing a water softener in your home is the fact that soft water is better for cleaning. That goes for your clothes and dishes as well as your skin. Soft water makes it easier for water to form a sudsy lather, and rinse it away just as thoroughly. That means your soap works more efficiently, and you aren’t left with that pore-clogging soap residue all over your body.

Moreover, a water softener will save you time and money. If there is no limescale to scrub away, cleaning time will be reduced. Plus, you won’t need to buy as many cleaning products. If the water you use is free of calcium and magnesium, it won’t leave behind any limescale. The result is all of your water-using appliances – such as dishwashers and washing machines, boilers, coffee machines, water boilers – will last much longer and work more efficiently. All of this has a favourable effect on your wallet, and the environment!

Therefore, choose what is best for yourself and what is best for Mother Nature.


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Discover the comfort
of connectivity.

To play music on our speakers or to control the thermostat, we find it perfectly normal to use Wi-Fi. Why not use your wireless network for vital necessities such as softened water?

Monitor your water usage via your smartphone
Our IQsoft water softener will give you perfectly softened water and at the same time the Wi-Fi technology will give you peace of mind by monitoring your water usage and managing your water softener via your smartphone or tablet. Leaving for holidays? With the Erie Connect App you can easily initiate the “Holiday Mode” and so avoid unnecessary consumption of water during your holidays.

Connect to your smart Wi-Fi enabled water softener and monitor:
• When the salt is low and needs refilling
• Your IQsoft water softener during your holidays by enabling the “Holiday Mode”
• Your daily water usage
• Liters of treated water remaining
• Your current water flow

The IQsoft water softeners are very user-friendly and easy to install. Besides that, the Wi-Fi application is an extra advantage that will help you to monitor the daily water usage of your family.

Therefore, choose comfort and give both you and your family peace of mind!

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